Is it really so hard to use the Internet?

Internet is a good way to express your opinions, but unfortunately not everyone gets the hang of how. Some people have a hard time finding words for their feelings and instead they decide to write something mean. They read something on the Internet and realize that they don't share the writer's opinion. Instead of explaining that, they may go "You're such a loser! No one cares about your opinion”. Such comments make me upset, I’m pretty sure that’s not useful criticism!


It’s way too easy to spread hate on the Internet. Here are some short and easy instructions on how to hate on the Internet. The only thing you need is a computer and then you’re ready. Think of something mean to write and find somewhere to write it, were people will see it. That’s it! That’s how easy it is to spread hate on the Internet. You can even do it anonymously if you’re too much of a coward to stand up for your own opinions.

...or you can choose to use a different approach. Personally, I’m very careful about what I write on the Internet. I think it’s very important to consider how people might react to what I’ve written. Before I post something, I first read it 10 to 20 times. Then I ask my family, my friends, my neighbors and sometimes even my cats. If all these people and cats believe there is nothing wrong with my post, I might post it. I don’t always do like this though, it depends on if my neighbors are at home or not...

I’m definitely not saying that everyone needs to do like that, but I DO have a few tips. Before going public read your comment or post and then ask yourself these questions; "Is it necessary to write this comment?”, “ Will it be offending?” and “Would YOU want to be the one receiving this comment?”. If you feel that the answers to these questions are supportive, then I think you may post your thoughts.


It’s so easy to write something that you don’t really mean or something that can be misunderstood. Once you post something on the Internet you can’t take it back. Of course you can’t really catch spoken words either and have them unsaid, but you can see how a person in front of you reacts. You thus have a chance adjust the conversation accordingly, while on the Internet you can’t read the true response of people. Some might feel very bad about your comment, but how can you know?


Personally, I can’t really understand how someone can find it amusing to write mean comments. Are they looking for a fight or simply someone to pick on? It’s horrible that so many people in today’s society have to deal with those who spread hate on the Internet. The Internet is good when you use it right, but too many people just don’t know how. My advice to everyone is; use your brain... and your heart...