Never Ever Give Up!

Nothing is impossible. Challenge yourself.

Everyone has dreams; they can be both small and big. There is no universal definition of what counts as a small or big dream. My goal last term was to succeed with one of the oral presentations. To some of you, that might seem as a small goal or dream. While to others it might be a good reachable goal. For me it was quite a big deal.

I think that dreams and goal usually are based on overcoming fears; doing something you’re not convinced you’ll succeed at. Doing new things can be scary, but that’s exactly why you should challenge yourself.

A while ago I went skiing and I saw a child in a wheelchair. They had made some kind of sled. So he was skiing, even though he couldn’t use his legs. Maybe that was his big dream, and there was a way to fulfill it.

There is always a way, there are many different ways for different people to reach their different goals and dreams. No one is exactly like another person; everyone has their own story, which makes them take an individual course to reach their goal. If you already have tried one way, find another one, there are plenty of ways to reach every goal.

Everything is possible; some things might just take longer than others. Get past all obstacles and all the people who say that you’ll fail. Hold on to the people that motivate you and believe in you.

And don’t be afraid to fail. The only one stopping you from fulfilling your dream is you. You yourself are probably the one who is most critical about you. It doesn’t hurt to try, if you don’t succeed, make the decision if you want to try again or maybe try something else, go after a new dream.

I believe it’s very important to point out the difference between changing your dream and giving up your dream. There is no reason to feel that you’ve let yourself down just because you decide to change your dream. Maybe you’ve had the same dream for years, but one day you realize that it isn’t your dream anymore.

Dreams don’t always have to be something you’re determined to do. There are “stupid” dreams, unreachable dreams. The dreams that you always carry with you, but you’re quite convinced that they’ll never come true. And you feel that it’s okay if they don’t, but it would be amazing if they did.

One thing I’m certain of is you shouldn’t be without a dream; go with an unreachable dream if you want. It’s good to always have something to work for, to have a driving force. Big or small, that doesn’t matter. If there is something you really want to do, you should do it, no matter what anyone else says! You should never give up, but there is nothing wrong with changing your goal or dream.